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With sorrow, I have become well acquainted.
The tears resound in hollow halls.
Bitter memories haunt my dreams
Alone to fall beneath the catacombs of fear.
I do not know what has become of me.
I am but a crystal shell of all that used to be.
Happiness has become my single stranger
Lurking miles from where I travel.
I follow a path of despair
And nothing but pain tracks me down.
I fear I'll never again see the day.
Nighttime is all that dwells here.
Alone with sorrow my heart is breaking,
And as I hear the roar of the ocean in my veins,
I give in to my companion
And embrace the night
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Currently Unnamed
Chapter One
Once upon a time….
There once was….
A young college student sat on her bed with a notebook in hand, struggling with her newest assignment for her English comp class.
“Write a fairytale,” the teacher had said. “Make it original. Use it to express yourself. You have until the end of the semester.”
Alexandria sighed for the umpteenth time in the last hour. “There is no way,” she said just as the phone rang. She jumped up and grabbed the cordless and headed toward the patio. “You’ve reached Alex, what do you want?”
“Well, hello, friend.” It was her friend Krysten. “What darkens your day today?”
“It’s this new assignment. I have to write a fairytale. You know, a story of the ‘happy, sparkly, true-love finds true-love’ variety?”
Krysten made an indiscernible noise on the other end. “I keep forgetting that you have buried yourself in a black
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MCR by Yashagirl01 MCR :iconyashagirl01:Yashagirl01 0 0 The 10 Commandments of MCR by Yashagirl01 The 10 Commandments of MCR :iconyashagirl01:Yashagirl01 0 0
Love Me, Trust Me - Chapter 1
Finding shelter from the rain had become a normal thing to the small group. It was always simple, what with the skills of the young monk. However, snow was a different story.
Inuyasha and Kagome had been separated from the rest of the gang. Sango had gone to the exterminator's village, with assistance from Miroku. The monk had insisted on going. They had convinced Shippo to stay with Kaede, as this mission was too dangerous for the kit.
They had heard rumors of an ominous demon in the mountains. Thinking that it could be Naraku, Inuyasha had taken Kagome along with him to investigate, swearing that it was just because she could see the shards.
After hours of searching, Kagome had finally spotted a small cabin through the heavy snow. Inuyasha sat sulking in a corner, presumably because he had not spotted it first.
"Hey, Kagome. Don't you have better sense than to wear that skirt in the middle of a snow storm?" asked Inuyasha gruffly.
Kagome sneezed. "Well, I wasn't really planning on co
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Billie Joe Armstrong by Yashagirl01 Billie Joe Armstrong :iconyashagirl01:Yashagirl01 0 2 Man's Best Friend by Yashagirl01 Man's Best Friend :iconyashagirl01:Yashagirl01 0 5 I support jark by Yashagirl01 I support jark :iconyashagirl01:Yashagirl01 1 0 My ID by Yashagirl01 My ID :iconyashagirl01:Yashagirl01 0 0 Sesshoumaru and Kagome 2 by Yashagirl01 Sesshoumaru and Kagome 2 :iconyashagirl01:Yashagirl01 0 2 Sesshoumaru and Kagome 1 by Yashagirl01 Sesshoumaru and Kagome 1 :iconyashagirl01:Yashagirl01 0 0 Fatal Attractions by Yashagirl01 Fatal Attractions :iconyashagirl01:Yashagirl01 0 2 Sorano by Yashagirl01 Sorano :iconyashagirl01:Yashagirl01 0 2 Name Undecided by Yashagirl01 Name Undecided :iconyashagirl01:Yashagirl01 0 1
Ever Have A Moment...
         Ever Have A Moment...
Ever have a moment,
Where the world just slips away,
Where time is nonexistent,
Where you need no words to say?
Ever have a moment,
Where you're drowning in his eyes,
Where you don't have to pretend,
Where you take off you disguise?
Ever have a moment,
Where your world comes crashing down,
Where all your hopes and dreams,
Crash into the ground?
These moments are all mine,
They're everyone's you see...
A moment come...
A moment gone...
They're just part of destiny.
:iconyashagirl01:Yashagirl01 1 4
This thing called metamorphosis
We all go though this stage
And like a butterfly we change
We find who we really are
Hidden deep within the chambers of our hearts
And soon enough we'll fly away
And see life as never before
Has been seen through our eyes
And like a butterfly, we'll soar
We'll fulfill our dreams
And so much more
In this thing called metamorphosis
:iconyashagirl01:Yashagirl01 2 4


Angst- exam period by lizleeillustration Angst- exam period :iconlizleeillustration:lizleeillustration 658 267 Angst-May to September by lizleeillustration Angst-May to September :iconlizleeillustration:lizleeillustration 409 272 kiriban - Inuyasha and Kagome by Eldanis kiriban - Inuyasha and Kagome :iconeldanis:Eldanis 6,414 695 Angst - Period by lizleeillustration Angst - Period :iconlizleeillustration:lizleeillustration 2,449 1,575 love and war by hakubaikou love and war :iconhakubaikou:hakubaikou 1,674 194 Cassandra by spartworks Cassandra :iconspartworks:spartworks 2,529 298 house m.d. angst wallpaper by miyavikawaii house m.d. angst wallpaper :iconmiyavikawaii:miyavikawaii 45 9 House M.D. Wallpaper by Zenovia House M.D. Wallpaper :iconzenovia:Zenovia 150 12 House MD: Not a Toy by AquaticFishy House MD: Not a Toy :iconaquaticfishy:AquaticFishy 220 92 The Good Ship House MD by EverythingHouseMD The Good Ship House MD :iconeverythinghousemd:EverythingHouseMD 1,385 353 Jacob - Avarice by Robbuz Jacob - Avarice :iconrobbuz:Robbuz 2,535 391 With Wings by Nao-Serenity With Wings :iconnao-serenity:Nao-Serenity 13 13 Haunting Me -SessKag- by tallydragon Haunting Me -SessKag- :icontallydragon:tallydragon 272 18 Sesshoumaru's desk. by Technoelfie Sesshoumaru's desk. :icontechnoelfie:Technoelfie 3,013 283



United States
Current Residence: Courtney's house. lol
Favourite genre of music: Alternative, Jazz, Latin, Oldies....
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Skin of choice: Um... mine...?
Favourite cartoon character: Sesshoumaru
Personal Quote: You must stand for something, or you will fall for anything.
  • Listening to: You're Not Alone - Saosin
  • Reading: Pride & Prejudice
  • Watching: Blind Dating
  • Playing: Infinite Undiscovery
  • Eating: Nothing, unusually
  • Drinking: Champagne :)
So, I've recently gotten this delicious cook book from The Hummingbird Bakery... I see a lot of money and many pounds in my immediate future. I'm a sucker for sweets. :P


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